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Belva’s in-house trainer, Peter Chang, is an Advanced Level GFT Firearm Instructor registered with PFTC, an IPSC Competition Shooter, and a member of the Beretta PRO Team South Africa. Our courses are designed for both beginner and intermediate shooters who carry and use firearms for self defense, duty, and for competitions.


Handgun Fundamentals Level 1

This Course is designed to provide participants with a solid foundation in the safe and effective use of a handgun. Whether you are a beginner seeking to familiarise yourself with your own handgun or an experienced shooter looking to refine your skills, this class covers essential principles to operate a handgun proficiently and confidently.

The Belva Firearm Training System focuses on the 4As: Accuracy, Ability, Agility and Adaptability. We use shot timers and other training aids and tools to help learners set measurable goals, track their progress and be accountable for their own target achievement.

The course is structured as 4 separate 1.5hr sessions. Learners with excess ammo left after the class each week may stay behind and practice for 30 more minutes with no additional cost.

Week 1: Accuracy (basic marksmanship techniques including stance, sight picture, sight alignment and trigger control)

Week 2: Ability (mastering the grip, drawing from the holster, handgun presentation)

Week 3: Agility (recoil mitigation, follow-through, cadence, basic target transitioning)

Week 4: Adaptability (find your own rhythm, build incremental skills, continuous improvement)

Start Date:

13 Jan 2024


Guns@Work, Germiston


R2400 (excluding range fees and ammo; range fees of R85 payable directly to the range on each visit)